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// novars_admin // November 18, 2017

Why Should You Choose Commercial Refrigerator For Your Business?

If you have any business such as restaurant, cafeteria, hotels, and departmental store, then you must choose a commercial refrigerator for your shop. Residential refrigerators are easily available in your nearest electronic shop, but you could not find the commercial… Continue reading »
business salary, setting salary
// novars_admin // November 17, 2017

Business Sense: 5 Reasons Your Employees Are Only As Good As Their Leadership

It's a truism that performance follows leadership. Even so, many leaders fail to recognize how their leadership can undermine employee performance. Employees need a mix of honesty, communication, trust and decisiveness to perform at their best. A closer look will… Continue reading »
business salary, setting salary
// novars_admin // November 16, 2017

How to Cut the Costs of Web Hosting for Your Business

Making an online business successful is all about trying to make small cuts that would otherwise add up. You're likely paying over the odds for your hosting package without realizing it, and that's one of the biggest expenses when it… Continue reading »
business salary, setting salary
business salary, setting salary
// novars_admin // November 16, 2017

How to Calculate your Own Salary as a Business Owner

Business owners have the freedom to set their salary having built their businesses from the ground up. However, the decision is not easy for most entrepreneurs. For a new business, the entrepreneur can only take home the difference between the… Continue reading »
business salary, setting salary
// novars_admin // November 15, 2017

Useful Tips Related To Forklift Sales

If you want to purchase something of the highest quality, then you need to do a deep research to get an insight of the product. It is the same when it comes to buying forklifts. Machinery purchase requires a deep… Continue reading »
business salary, setting salary
Business Selling Steps

Eventually, there comes a time when you need to sell your business. The question is how and when?
(illustrating a step-by-step process)

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Some Tips From the Field

Our Clients are our most important asset

Our clients are our most important asset. We believe that our success can only be measured by the satisfaction of those we work for; business owners and business buyers.

Our range of services and our company affiliations are designed to ensure we can meet all of your needs as you seek to plan your exit for the maximum value. We primarily serve Central Virginia and Washington DC markets from our offices in Vienna and Richmond Virginia. We operate as Virginia business brokers in the Richmond and Northern Virginia markets.

Managing a small business can be complicated - especially when you face issues that your beyond your expertise. With increased regulation, competitive moves, and complexities of tax and estate planning, you may need professional guidance for many business management issues.

That is why we built an advisory network of professionals that we recommend based on their experience and reputation. These professionals are individuals whom we have worked with. So if you have issues related to accounting/tax, finance, marketing, operations, legal, HR and more, visit our advisory network for a list of key individuals who can help.
Meet the Novars Team

RAY SMITH: (President)
Ray is a Senior Business Executive with extensive corporate experience including CIO and CFO positions in a Fortune 50 company and 10 years in systems integration and e-business. Highly skilled in spearheading existing and start-up businesses within both international and domestic arenas, into leading performers. Ray exhibits outstanding interpersonal and communication skills, with ability to promote confidence, resolve conflicts and build relationships and rapport via thorough business knowledge coupled with experience in communicating with people from a wide range of backgrounds.

Ray can be contacted at
tele: 703-577-1607
email: rsmith@novarsgroup.com

KRAYTON M DAVIS: (Executive Principal - President nBuy Associates, Inc)
Krayton has over 20 years experience in banking and strategic consulting. He has worked for major Wall Street and retail banking establishments including Bankers Trust, HSBC, Bank of America, SunTrust Bank, and Price Waterhouse Coopers. He likewise has 7+ years experience in strategic planning and consulting. He currently teaches business strategy and marketing at a local college. His goal is to provide the exceptional service to small business clients as was delivered to his Wall Street clients.

Krayton can be contacted at:
Tele: 804-527-1103
e-Mail: kdavis@novarsgroup.com
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If you thinking of selling your business, let's us do the prep analysis and paperwork for you. There is zero costs for these prep services. We only get paid based on a negotiated closing fee once we have successfully sold your business.